AntiOxidant Transformational Infusion – 250g


Hydrating Remedy Hair Mask

A treatment that radically changes the hair in 60 seconds, by bringing out its vitality. Restores damaged hair, while adding protection. Acai repairs hair, aloe leaf rebuilds and shea butter moisturises. Enhances elasticity while providing protection. Maintains hair healthy and provides body and shine in a minute.

Apply to freshly shampooed hair and leave on for 1-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


  • Enriches hair’s core
  • Maintains healthy condition
  • Transforms hair with hybrid technology
  • Masks away damage
  • Brings on the shine
  • For all hair types

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Active Ingredients

Aloe Vera

Used due to its moisturizing and regenerating properties.

Acai Berries

Very powerful antioxidant (300% more antioxidants than fruit). Protects hair from free radicals, promoting regeneration.

hair products with Detoxifying oils

Shea Butter

An excellent moisturiser that helps hydrate, smooth and add shine, while restoring hair’s flexibility.

Our Antioxidants Regimedy combats free radicals, protects our hair from aging, and is now better than ever.

Staying true to our commitment, we have improved the performance of our antioxidant products that begin the process to protect your hair. We have added nutrients for extra body and rice proteins for strength and elasticity. A new look that is richer in lather, filled with fruit extracts to fight anti-aging and additional rice proteins to add strength and body.

We have increased fruit extracts for protection, and aloe to give moisture rich hair products that fill every strand with maximum body. The removal of silk and wheat proteins provides a safe, vegan and gluten-free option. We thrive on antioxidant rich products. We eat and drink foods that are rich in vitamins, acai, nuts, aloe and fruit. We are always searching for anti-agers, the best ingredients that provide the best protection, and keep us young, both inside and out.

Organic hair treatment infused with CBD Oil