Purify Clarifying Shampoo – 1000ml



Purify is a vegetable-based, Paraben-free clarifying shampoo that relieves hair of stubborn build up, chemicals, and environmental stresses. It works by gently removing stubborn build-up, styling products or natural excess oils, and cleanses follicles and fibres so that your next treatment, colour routine or styling will work its best.

Shampoo hair, rinse and repeat. For the second wash let lather sit on the hair for 2 – 3 minutes to allow all impurities to leave for pure, primed hair.


  • Removes build-up
  • Preps hair for semi, demi colour
  • Preps hair to absorb treatments and nutrients

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Active Ingredients

Avena Sativa

Peptide (Oat) act as a conditioning agent. Gluten and paraben-free

Chelating Agents

Contains arginine, stevia and oats peptides

Day-to-day life can sometimes feel like an attack on hair. Hair can look dull and limp if nothing is done to cleanse fibres and follicles of these deposits; yielding dull and lifeless hair. Chlorine can be trapped in fibres; minerals can be deposited on strands from hard water. Even natural, healthy products become imbedded in hair and build on each other over time.

While many shampoos are formulated to gently cleanse, with a higher amount of moisturizers than cleaning agents, Purify uses more cleaning agents to wash away unwanted residues and hair pollutants.

The formula uses Strengthening and Humectant Blends of proteins and acids to moisturize and increase hair shaft strength and flexibility, which restores health, volume and shine to prepare hair for treatment.

Give your hair a clean foundation with Purify. Rejuvenate hair and give it a fresh start with Purify clarifying shampoo.

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