Pure Light Toning Shampoo – 1000ml


Purple Toning Shampoo

Created for those with light hair or bleached hair, whether salon achieved or natural, such as blonde, platinum, silver/grey, white or pastel, as well as the unwanted brassy tones. Apply to wet hair, lather and leave on from 2-5 minutes. For optimal results, follow with Pure Light Conditioner


  • Eliminates unwanted yellow, warm and brassy tones
  • Specifically designed for blonde, bleached, highlighted and grey hair
  • Ideal to refresh and extend the life of your colour
  • Protects and tones

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Active Ingredients

Seaweed hair products

Sea Kelp

Strengthens hair and prevents breakage due to a wealth of minerals and vitamins. Rich in antioxidants and detoxification properties, Sea Kelp will repair and fortify all hair types.

Banana Leaf

Rich in both magnesium and potassium, this leaf extract protects hair and aids in hair growth. Filled with excellent soothing, softening and moisturising properties leaving the hair shiny and manageable.

hair products with aminoacids

L-Chain Amino Acid Blend

Works to strengthen hair fibres and elevate the quality of your hair, while bonding and protecting.

Whether you are bleached to platinum blond, rocking your silver look, want to be a cool blonde or just need to eliminate the brass, PURE LIGHT pigments are used to neutralize.

PURE LIGHT contains a balance of ingredients with a custom blend of colour pigments; a perfect iridescent purple to remove unwanted stubborn yellow shades, as well as brassy hues. For Professional/Salon use recommended time is from 5-20 minutes to enhance your service. For Home Maintenance in between salon visits, recommended use is 2-5 minutes to refresh your colour.

The conditioning treatment gives the added advantage of protection for the hair, while enhancing tonality. The special blend of ingredients works to improve and protect hair quality, reducing damage and restoring hair back to health. Special colour pigments keep the hair bright with tonality.

Organic hair treatment infused with CBD Oil