Mr. A Elixir – 150ml


Leave-in Hair Serum


Elixir provides hair density, body and fortification at the root of the hair. With advanced technology and ingredients such as Procapil and Follisync Bio-functional, the cellular level of the hair is renewed, resulting in thicker and healthier looking hair.


  • Increases hair’s density
  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Stimulates growth
  • Strengthens and Repairs
  • Brightens and Adds Shine

After shampoo, apply to scalp and hair. Leave-in. Use Elixir daily or twice a day depending on your hair growth needs.

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Active Ingredients


This new ingredient works on the follicle to prevent aging, thus blocking hair loss. Fights follicle aging and invigorates the scalp.

Vitamin B3

Essential vitamin to prevent hair loss by stimulating growth

Hair conditioner with Tripeptides


Molecule formed by the binding of proteins, which strengthens the hair giving it brightness and shine.

Designed to be so much more than a line for men, Mr. A is an essential part of daily grooming that addresses the need for both skin and hair care.
The best thing that a man can do for his hair, is to maintain a healthy scalp, as the scalp is the foundation from which a healthy head of hair is derived.
When it comes to skin care, the same is true. Healthy skin and great facial hair need the right products to cleanse, protect and allow for grooming.



Mr. A a complete men’s line. Wear it with confidence.

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