Inner Home – Moisturising Treatment 100ml (Travel Size)


A super moisture mask that works from the inside out to restore, replenish and repair structure from the inner to outer layer.

  • Smoothes erratic texture
  • Brings out hair’s inner health
  • Promotes incredible shine, from the inside out
  • Strengthens hair with proteins
  • For all hair types


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In stock

How To Use

To use as a mask apply to clean wet hair and rinse after 2 minutes. For reconstruction apply to lightly towel-dried hair, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse completely.

Active Ingredients

Blend of Proteins

A hair protectant that adds strength, manageability and shine to hair

Wheat Proteins

They protect hair from environmental damage, increasing its strength and elasticity

Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for healthy hair, nourishing from the inside


It is used due to its moisturising and regenerating properties