India Healing Spray – 250ml


Leave-In Repairing Remedy

Transform all hair with a healing remedy to fortify each strand. It contains Quinoa, a hydrolysed protein with high repairing power that provides control, Aloe Leaf soothes and softens and the restorative oils of Moringa, Argan and Amber improve hair’s texture.


  • Penetrates deeply into hair to help reverse long-term damage
  • Argan restores luster, depth
  • Improves texture, smooth and calm frayed hair
  • Adds tremendous shine

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Active Ingredients

Argan Oil

Nourishes and moisturizes the hair allowing easy combing while avoiding frizz.

Moringa Oil

It contains more than 90 nutrients, making it essential in hair repair and healing.


This fragrance used since ancient times embraces us, soothing our senses and increasing our energy.

Hair conditioner with Quinoa


Protects and strengthens your hairs by penetrating them to repair and seal split ends.

INDIA from I.C.O.N. captures the essence of health and beauty inside a product line that incorporates ancient practices with the restorative oils of Moringa to add luster and strength to hair; Argan to nourish and revitalise; and the fragrance of Amber to invoke past, present and future peace.

The women of India use these oils to heal. I.C.O.N. uses them for hair-yurvedic benefits to transform hair from dull and lifeless to silky, manageable and full of shine.

Nurturing the hair with the benefits of oils, India will enhance your senses of being. Moringa is a miracle oil, known for its fatty acids to bring back hair’s vitality. Argan, also referred to as liquid gold, nourishes and moisturises the hair, allowing ease of combing, while combating hair frizz. The beautiful scent of Amber embraces us, soothing our senses and increasing our energy.


Healing Hair treatment