Hydration Drench Shampoo – 250ml


Hydrating Shampoo

Provides manageability and shine. Amino acids and Aloe Vera soothe and moisturize the hair cuticle. Saturate hair with moisture, manageability and shine. Ideal for dry, brittle and chemically treated hair.

Emulsify in your hands, lather in a rich, hydrating luxury for deep-penetrating performance.


  • Repairs and strengthens chemically treated hair
  • Quench dry hair’s thirst for protection
  • Improves the condition of brittle strands
  • Indulges hair’s inner brilliance
  • For all hair types

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Active Ingredients

Aloe Vera

It is used due to its moisturising and regenerating properties

Blend of Proteins

They make the hair recover its splendor by restoring softness.

Wheat protein hair treatments

Wheat Proteins

They protect hair from environmental damage, increasing its strength and elasticity.

hair products with aminoacids

Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for healthy hair, nourishing from the inside

Moisture is of the essence. Hydration is the key to survival. It is the key to keeping the body, face, scalp and hair healthy. But, moisturiSing isn’t enough; you have to lock in the moisture for real hydration. The Hydration Regimedy will saturate and drench your hair, smooth and seal in the cuticle with shea butter and babassu seed oil, while promoting flexibility and elasticity into every hair strand. Heat, dryness and dehydration are obstacles that we all face during the Summer. Throughout the day, we drink a lot of water to maintain our proper levels, as we need to continuously replenish. Maintaining optimum hydration is as essential for the body, as for the hair. To avoid dry, brittle and unruly hair, we need to keep our hair hydrated and ensure that it gets the proper care.  It’s not only about adding moisture, but also adding essential nutrients to nourish and protect from the sun’s rays, heat and drying effects. Our HYDRATION REGIMEDY drives moisture deep into the hair; to transform by adding flexibility, elasticity and shine.

Organic hair treatment infused with CBD Oil