Cure Recovering Shampoo – 1000ml


Healing Shampoo

Preserves hydration, increases flexibility, and reduces hair breakage due to vitamin B5. Contains Prodew 500, which is a special amino acid mixture that strengthens, cures and recovers hair structure, while repairing superficial damage and protecting colour.

Emulsify in your hands, lather into wet hair, and rinse.


  • Adds Flexibility
  • Helps Reducing breakages
  • Soothes cuticle and adds shine
  • Protects colour
  • Suitable for all hair types. Ideal for fine hair.

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Active Ingredients

Hair conditioner with Prodew 500

Prodew 500

Repairs hair damage while strengthening and protecting colour

Hair conditioner with Quinoa


Protects and strengthens the hair by repairing it strength

Hair conditioner with Tripeptides


strengthens the hair giving it brightness and shine

Healing is just as important on the outside as it is on the inside. You must heal the cuticular layer of the hair as well since this is what gives your hair a healthy appearance. Infusing the complex of B Vitamins and Prodew 500 seals both the internal and external shaft. Our healing regimedy Cure by Chiara will replenish and fill the cuticle with moisture and strength, while both healing and providing manageability and incredible shine.

Whether you have fine, medium, thick, damaged, or erratic texture, it is vital to fill hair strands with a multitude of vitamins prior to cleansing, so that the hair is infused with maximum nutrients. CBC is filled with ingredients your hair needs to be replenished, revitalized, and ultimately recovered.

Formulated with a Paraben-free preservative system, our Cure products use natural ingredients to keep hair healthy, manageable, and malleable. Quinoa bases are used to improve fullness and keep hair’s shape at your fingertips. The quinoa works with rice proteins to enhance shine so that hair is noticeably healthier. Ingredients harmonize and energize, forming a sheen over cuticles and follicles to protect against environmental stresses. Pardew 500 protects hair’s colour, while Tripeptides strengthen the bonds and create a thicker, stronger texture. Our revitalizing hair products by Chiara are no different, utilizing these scientifically proven ingredients to optimize and revitalize hair.

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