Awake 100ml (Travel Size)


Invigorating conditioner that moisturizes the scalp. Detoxifying oils cleanse, shea butter protects the cuticle while keeping the hair in a conditioned state.


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How To Use

Apply to wet hair, massage through scalp and ends. Rinse completely. Use daily for optimum results. Follow the detox system weekly.

Active Ingredients

Detoxifying Organic Oils

Cleanse and leave hair feeling refreshed

ACE of Vitamins

Rejuvenate the scalp and hair

Shea Butter

Ultra-hydrating to provide deep condition and protects the cuticle for ease of combability

Sunflower Seed

Prevents brittle hair and hair loss

Rosemary Leaf

Oil an anti-bacterial that provides extreme detoxification of the scalp

Aloe Leaf Oils

Natural protectant and healer