Repairing Hair products

We know the best thing that a man can do for his hair is to maintain a healthy scalp, as the scalp is the foundation from which a great, healthy head of hair is derived.

Pro Vitamin B5

Very moisturising and helps hydration to adhere to the skin surface.


Healing plant that is known to promote growth.

Aloe Vera

Improves skin hydration, helps eliminate dead cells and promotes penetration helping to transport healthy substances through the skin


Antiseptic, astringent and vasodilator that reinforces pores and helps control the growth of bacteria. Reduces the appearance of spots on the skin surface.

Shea Butter

A natural extract that works with other ingredients to improve hair’s inner structure

Safflower Oil

An emollient that helps other ingredients penetrate into hair while increasing combability


This plant has been long used in hair regeneration and as a great skin protector


It is known for its nourishing extracts. Invigorates sun damaged hair