A line of luxury. Based on the healing practices of Ayurveda and essential oils.

I.C.O.N. coined the phrase Hair-Yurvedics. Nurturing the hair with the benefits of oils, India will enhance your senses of being. INDIA from I.C.O.N. captures the essence of health and beauty inside a product line that incorporates ancient practices with the restorative oils of Moringa to add luster and strength to hair; Argan to nourish and revitalize; and the fragrance of Amber to invoke past, present and future peace.

Experience the ultimate of this revolutionary line which uses a blend of oils and UV inhibitors that will soothe and envelop each strand of hair, leaving it weightless.

Argan Oil


Nourishes and moisturizes the hair allowing easy combing while avoiding frizz.

Hair Oil with Clove


An anti-inflammatory that helps to smooth and heal the scalp with natural UV inhibitors.

Organic CBD oil with Almond Oil


It contains more than 90 nutrients, making it essential in hair repair and healing.

Hair Oil with Clove


An emollient extracted from the African shea tree. It is an excellent moisturiser that helps hydrate, smooth and add shine, while restoring hair’s flexibility.



This fragrance used since ancient times embraces us, soothing our senses and increasing our energy.

Seaweed hair products


Thanks to its high content in mineral salts, iodine, vitamins and proteins, it helps toning, strengthening and revitalising the hair.