Repairing Hair products

Love your texture, cure your hair.

Whether you have fine, medium, thick, damaged or erratic texture, it is vital to fill hair strands with a multitude of vitamins prior to cleansing, so that the hair is infused with maximum nutrients.

Cure your hair of its imperfections. Formulated with a Paraben-free preservative system, our Cure Regimedy uses natural ingredients to keep hair healthy, manageable and malleable. Quinoa bases are used to improve fullness and keep hair’s shape at your fingertips. The quinoa works with rice proteins to enhance shine so that hair is noticeably healthier.

Ingredients harmonize and energize, forming a sheen over cuticles and follicles to protect against environmental stresses. Prodew 500 protects hair’s colour, while Tripeptides strengthen the bonds and create a thicker, stronger texture. 

Antibacterial Hair products with tea tree oil


It is used due to its moisturising and regenerating properties

Hair conditioner with Tripeptides


Strengthens the hair

Hair conditioner with Quinoa


Protects and strengthens the hair by repairing it strength

Hair conditioner with Prodew 500


Repairs hair damage while strengthening and protecting colour