Repairing Hair products

Our Antioxidants Regimedy combats free radicals, protects our hair from aging, and is now better than ever. Staying true to our commitment, we have improved the performance of Fully: the shampoo that begins the process to protect your hair. We have added nutrients for extra body and rice proteins for strength and elasticity.

We have increased fruit extracts for protection, and aloe to give a moisture rich shampoo that fills every strand with maximum body. We thrive on antioxidant rich products. We eat and drink foods that are rich in vitamins, acai, nuts, aloe and fruit. We are always searching for anti agers, the best ingredients that provide the best protection, and keep us young, both inside and out.

Antibacterial Hair products with tea tree oil


It is used due to its moisturising and regenerating properties

Hair conditioner with Tripeptides


Very powerful antioxidant (300% more antioxidants than fruit). Protects hair from free radicals, promoting regeneration.

Hair conditioner with Quinoa


An emollient that helps other ingredients penetrate into hair while increasing combability

Hair conditioner with Prodew 500


This moisturizer has nourishing emollients and soothing properties.