Our Hair Care products are Natural, Vegan and Organic. Ensuring that only the very best ingredients are included in our formulas. Formed in 2002 our mission has and always will be, to give our customers the perfect hair as organically as possible. We concentrate on the structure of healthy hair and offer a small, compact range to optimise how you care for and style your hair. We want you to Look Good and Feel Good!


A Natural, Organic Water-Free, Fragrance-Free, Aloe Based, Essential Oil and CBD Infused Line that elevates the standard of what is Pure, Natural and Organic, when it comes to the wellbeing of Hair Care.

We have found the richest and most pure plants available by visiting different farms and facilities. We have taken great care to partner with accredited labs that are certified to produce the PUREST of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. 


Antioxidants have become part of our every day life. We eat and drink foods that are rich in ACE Vitamins, Acai, Nuts, Aloe and Fruit. We make sure that our skin care has all the added benefits of anti-agers and antioxidants.

We lather our bodies in moisturisers that protect and add vitality to our skin. So, the next logical step in protecting our appearance, is nourishing our hair with the same benefits that we use to nourish our bodies.


Our Detox Regimedy allows this process to take effect. It has been shown that healthy hair cannot be maintained over long term without the regular incorporation of a detox.

Detox eliminates toxins by using a blend of organic oils that stimulate blood flow, thus promoting a healthy scalp and in turn, healthy hair growth.


Our ANTI-FRIZZ REGIMEDY combats the FRIZZ with Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin that helps to lock in amino acids and proteins. It is known as the B vitamin for hair that adds strength to each strand, while providing nourishment and structure. Keraveg18, a blend of different vegetable-based ingredients that improve combability, reduces damage, eliminates FRIZZ, while smoothing and moisturising the cuticular layer. You will be left with beautiful, shiny hair, that is light as silk.

Cure By Chiara

All hair has texture. Some is fine, some is curly; some is wavy, some is straight. Hair can be erratic. It can be thick and unruly or heavy and controlled. It can be texture you love or texture you’d like to tame.

Regardless of your texture, Cure will help you meet the challenge, influencing the texture you have, reimagining it to be the texture you want. It doesn’t change texture permanently, but it can alter it temporarily, allowing you to be you, with hair you love.

India Hair Yurvedics

I.C.O.N. coined the phrase Hair-Yurvedics. Nurturing the hair with the benefits of oils, India will enhance your sense of being. Moringa is a miracle oil, known for its fatty acids to bring back hair’s vitality.

Argan, also referred to as liquid gold, nourishes and moisturises the hair, allowing ease of combing, while combating hair frizz. The beautiful scent of Amber embraces us, soothing our senses and increasing our energy.

Mr A.

Designed to be so much more than a line for men, Mr. A is an essential part of daily grooming that addresses the need for both skin and hair care. The best thing that a man can do for his hair, is to maintain a healthy scalp, as the scalp is the foundation from which a healthy head of hair is derived.

Mr. A a complete men’s line. Wear it with confidence.

Liquid Fashion

Liquid fashion with Influential Styles.

Our liquid tools are designed for runway hair fashion as well as lifestyle looks. Utilising the liquid technology inside our formulas, each product can be cocktailed or used alone to create dimension while enhancing the desired styled.